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marriage-equalityDid you notice an influx of images with an equal sign and a stream of red popping up on your favorite social network not too long ago, around March? No, it wasn’t Facebook’s time of the month. It was the Human Rights Campaign’s expression and support of marriage equality.

Well, get ready for another visit from Aunt Flo because in the coming weeks and possibly as soon as this Monday, the Supreme Court is getting ready to issue its rulings on this year’s cases having to do with the heavily debated topic.

We were so inspired that we decided to create our own and just like everything else our menstruating maniac minds found a connection to your favorite monthly products.


A recent poll by the New York Times and CBS reported that most Americans feel that the power to legalize gay marriage should rest with states.

In the past few months, an increasing number of states (Minnesota, Rhode Island, & Delaware) and countries (Brazil, France, & New Zealand) have legalized gay marriage. Some people are celebrating, running off to courts to finally bind themselves to the loves-of-their-lives; some people are speaking out in favor of friends and family that are homosexual, encouraging the courts to take steps away from the conservative rhetoric that has ruled till now; and some people are arguing that the courts shouldn’t allow “marriages” between two people of the same sex.

The beauty of this great country is that we can research, choose and then voice our opinion on any topic with freedom of speech. Without delving further into the debate on gay marriage and the issues of human rights and equality that are embedded within it, we at Maxim Hygiene have found our own unique perspective on this hot topic and we encourage you to do the same by checking out this new tool and campaign by the Human Rights Campaign.

We couldn’t help but correlate marriage equality with tampon absorbency equality. Tampons are considered medical devices and are thus regulated by the FDA. The regulations are comprised of many standards, but the one of most significance for this post is – tampon absorbency equality! No tampon can be sold in the U.S. without having been tested for absorbency. All tampons whether they are organic or not must absorb the same amount of liquid as outlined in the following chart taken right off of a Maxim organic tampons pack:

ab chart

So, for example, both a conventional Tampax Regular absorbency tampon and an organic Maxim Hygiene Regular absorbency tampon must absorb between 6-9 grams of liquid for women during a moderate flow. You can read more about regulations and the Syngina Test (yes, it sounds like vagina for a reason) on our website.

If the federal government is so strict about tampon absorbency equality, wouldn’t you think they would want the same when it comes to marriage equality?!

We applaud the federal government for watching over our best interests by making sure that all tampon absorbency is equal. We await their decision on whether “all men are created equal” when it comes to marriage.

However the Supreme Court case may be resolved, we are celebrating tampon absorbency equality and the first day of Summer (today) with 25% Off all Maxim Hygiene tampons now through 6:00pm EST on 6/28/13 exclusively at our Online Store.


Although there may be equality when it comes to tampon absorbency, all tampons are not created equal when it comes to ingredients. That’s why we’re supporting our friends at Naturally Savvy and their petition for lead manufacturers to disclose their products’ ingredients.

No need to worry when it comes to Maxim Tampons because as Naturally Savvy describes “Disclosure of their ingredients means Maxim is helping women become more informed and more empowered when choosing the items that go in and on their bodies.” So you don’t have to let getting your period stop you from diving in on all the Summer sun and fun! Stock up and swim safer this Summer with Maxim’s EXCLUSIVE SALE on Organic Chlorine Free Cotton Tampons!

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I am sure you have all heard by now about Johnson and Johnson discontinuing the manufacturing of their OB Ultra tampons. The Internet has been in a panicked buzz with women all over the country wondering what happened to a product that they had come to rely on for years. Countless blogs and new organizations scrambled to find out why the OB Ultra tampons were removed from the shelves. A Johnson and Johnson spokesperson would only say that there was an issue with manufacturing and that they would be on the shelves again soon. However, this didn’t end up to be the case. It seems now that although J&J is going to stock the shelves again, the OB ultra tampon has indeed been discontinued.

And here is where Maxim comes in.

Our loyal Maxim users have rallied around the Internet to let women know that we have a super plus non applicator tampon that looks, fits and protects the same as the OB ultra, only ours are better for not only the environment, but also our bodies!  Since Maxim only uses organic cotton and never uses bleach in the production of our tampons, we can offer a greener, safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to what women have been using.

We have heard the call for an alternative and we are here for you! We have made our products available in more places online to supply the demand of the OB Ultra users. You can find us such places as:




Organic Peak



And for our friends in Canada: WellBasics

Rest assured we will continue to stock and ship our Super Plus non applicator tampons to our new customers who have been on the search to replace their OB Ultra tampons to the best of our ability. Demand is high and we are working hard to meet your expectations!

One thing OB Ultra users will notice is that our Maxim Super Plus non applicator tampons are the same length and width that they have come to depend on. Although they don’t technically absorb as much as the ultras (15 – 18grams), since absorbency is regulated and standardized by the FDA, many former ultra users have expressed the same efficiency with Maxim super plus tampons as they were getting with O.B. ultra tampons. As well, we offer something that the OB ultra can’t, peace of mind knowing that all of our products are made with 100% Certified Organic and Natural Cotton. We never use bleach, wood fluff pulp or synthetics like Rayon/Viscose. We offer organic cotton that is grown without the use of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Sewage Sludge, Irradiation or Genetic Engineering. Our organic Farmers use natural alternative methods and tools that help enhance soil quality and biodiversity and protect the air and water on which we depend. Who wouldn’t prefer their most intimate products to be made from only all organic and natural methods?…all while protecting the air and water we depend on!

Maxim believes that every woman should be given safe alternatives to traditional feminine hygiene products and we are happy to support our new customers while they discover what so many other women have found out, that Maxim cares about you!

We continue to share our gratitude to our loyal customers and welcome all of our new ones to our family. We at Maxim Hygiene are honored that you have chosen us because of our dependable, safe and natural products and we remain faithful in our commitment of offering you only the best for your body and the environment.

<3 Maxim

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